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VOLANTINI 2016conclusivo

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L’ Associazione augura, a chi può ed anche a chi in questo periodo di crisi non può, buone vacanze!
Vi ricorda che la sede centrale è aperta fino al 10 agosto e riprenderà la regolare attività dal 25 stesso mese.
Se durante le ferie, ci auguriamo di no, avete subito o subirete dei disservizi, come ritardi nei trasporti aerei, ferroviari o in nave, se il luogo dove avete prenotato non rispecchia le vostre aspettative o quanto promesso in fase di prenotazione, se avete avuto o avrete problemi con i bagagli, sappiate che siamo qui ad assistervi e difendervi in modo gratuito.
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numero verde da linea fissa 800587753
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Proconsumatore is an association headed to protect the consumer and the citizen rights and it is totally apolitical. Proconsumatore doesn’t make use of any state aid for its work and is formed by consumers that joined together to protect themselves from comporations .

At the present day everyone is literally under siege from corporations and enterprises that with advertisement always more intrusive ask to subscribe the most varied offers. Incredible phone offers, plans for saving on electricity and gas bills that are at the limit of credibility, foundings that are apparently irresistible.

Often the Consumer, after a subscription, finds himself to pay bills up to three times more expensive, or finds himself owner of cellphones, TVs, computers or whatsoever that he never asked for. In some cases, he can also find himself owner of a service with a contract he never signed.

In many cases, the unfortunate Consumer pays, because he knows that, to obtain legal assistance, he could go to great expense – in terms of time and money – that could be higher than those requested from the creditor company. He pays, in many cases, because fighting with a business giant frightens him.

In that moment of uneasiness, we, as organization, can help.

Proconsumatore makes use of a team of young experts in legal and economics fields, experienced in the consumer protection field, that are able to get for the associate the best possible result.
To those who come to the Proconsumatore asking for help, we will only ask for a membership fee.
Joining us, the associate will let our experts to choose the best path to follow to protect his rights in the best way.
Proconsumatore is focused on defending Consumer’s civil rights.

Consumer protection against all phone and communication companies that offer services for land and mobile telephony, DTT or satellite companies, water and gas-supply companies, financial promoters, Equitalia and other credit recovery companies or law firms.
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